Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Washington Blog Post

I just stumbled on this WaPo expose on the golf blogging community from April 20th. You have got to be freaking kidding me.

The first blog we are introduced to is the illustrious Bad Golf Blog maintained by some bad writer who has eight posts since January 11th. Eight posts? Eight freaking posts!! Geoff Shackelford--who should be the first named mentioned, but wasn't even linked--can type out eight insightful posts in a single day. Nevermind that he's authored a book called The Future of Golf. Which, by the way, was recently reissued. The guy sounds like a pretty damn good topic for a story in a newspaper. Sounds much better than a piece about Dan who knocks out two trivial posts twice a month.

We're also aquainted with the "stable of bloggers" at Travel Golf. This lazy schmuck writer, however, neglects to mention the best, by far, of the bunch at Travel Golf, Jay Flemma. Instead, the piece zeroes in on Jennifer Mario who is basically annoying and should be banned from golf courses nationwide.

Finally, the piece links to the Golf Asylum blog which hasn't even been updated since the end of February. Here's a taste of that final post though: "So, naturally, when I was at my neigborhood golf store I picked up a package of 16 tees for five bucks. Ouch." Listen, if five bucks makes you say ouch then you're probably too poor to afford a site on blogger, much less a golf habit.

Memo to the Washington Post: You're a dirty rotten stinking rag. I wouldn't wrap my salmon in you're paper. You're writers are lazy. You're editors are clueless. You know nothing about golf blogging so don't even waste you're journalism degrees writing about them. Idiots.


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