Sunday, May 29, 2005

Sand Trapage

I know. I know. I did a little senseless Sand Trap bashing yesterday. But, hey, I stand by it. None-the-less, having reflected upon this original report from the Senior Open by head Sand Trapper Erik, I must say that I am very impressed. Very, very cool. It's the interesting type of content that you'll never see in a major media outlet. And, let's not forget that the guy actually got off his ass to bring us -- the folk still sitting on our asses -- some meaningful behind-the-scenes coverage of the event, and a picture of a fat guy in a yellow jacket.

To my next point: For as much content as The Sand Trap has, most of it is useless. Sad to say, but true. The competent and insightful crew posts previews, then day-by-day analyses of all three PGA tour events seemingly every week. Why? I'm not sure, because I can hop over to ESPN or SI and get the same information presented to me in a superior aesthetic package. So, what can The Sand Trap offer me that ESPN or SI can't? Well, meaningful behind-the-scenes coverage, and pictures of fat guys in yellow jackets for one. Or, in other words, first-hand reports with a personal touch.

I'm not trying to pile on the site. The best thing it has going for it is its staff of dedicated posters who crank it out consistently. That's near impossible to find in the Golf Blogosphere. I realize that they can't send someone to every PGA event, but what they can do at least is offer some personal comments about the events instead of just rehashing what happened. I also remember a very cool post that detailed the construction of an indoor putting green. That is freaking great. Day 2 LPGA stories with no flare are not.


Blogger Erik @ The Sand Trap said...

Rest assured we are indeed working on doing much more than recapping events.

And don't bash the lists too much - they're opinion pieces, and the virtual watercooler is alive and well. ;-)

8:39 AM  

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