Monday, May 02, 2005

Pete Dye, How does CBS love thee...

Now, I realize that the CBS staff didn't mention it a dozen dozen times, but I'm pretty sure that the TPC of Louisiana is a Pete Dye design. None the less, whomever designed it is a apparently a pinball aficiando. Pot bunkers? More like 10,000 point penalty traps. I didn't find them to be a particualrly clever design element.

Moreover, why the emphasis on the fact that looking from the green back to the teebox you see small grassy humps where the pot bunkers are? Are the players supposed to be fooled into thinking that they were an optical illusion all along?

And, one more thing on these bunkers: While I never saw a single player hit into one, why penalize a player a sroke (essentially, because it appears the only play out of most would be a short sand-iron blast out) for landing the ball on the fairway, where so many of the the pot bunkers are.

Final note: Congratulations Kelly Gibson on convincing Dye to keep the large Cedar on the 13th. Seriously, I liked it--but not enought to want to hear about it in anticitpation on the 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th and finally on the tee on the 13th.


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