Saturday, May 07, 2005

More Wie smack

More BJ Wie smacking. This time from the Washington Post, which isn't exactly an unhinged tabloid. After determing that BJ must stand for "Bad Judgement," the columnist, Leonard Shapiro, absolutely drubs Mr. Wie with this:
It's also nice that her proud papa thinks so highly of his daughter's considerable skills that he believes one day she'll also make a comfortable living and maybe even win now and then on the PGA Tour. Maybe it's the distance he lives from the mainland that has made Mr. Wie delusional, or maybe its just paternal pride in seeing his daughter regularly hit drives that travel 300 yards or longer.
Niiiice. I'm sure BJ is very thrilled to see a bandwagon of writers questioning his parenting skills and now his perception of reality. I think its about time he puts his daughter back on the junior league circuit. Cuz, hey, you don't want one of those grown-up professionals to get ahold of her and show her how to swing his three-wood.


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