Friday, May 06, 2005

More on DLIII

Rick Arnett comes strong with a well-written and insightful piece on Davis Love III. (Some of Arnett's colleagues should take note.)

This line in the first graf caught my eye: "Heaps of attention have raised the value of the Fab 5 firm of Woods, Singh, Mickelson, Els & Goosen -- and rightfully so." Its really not my style to get caught up in such teenage trivialities, but I did raise my brow upon seeing someone toss Goosen's name in with the other four without a detailed explaination of why he belongs. And, whatever, I don't care whether or not there is a fab 4 or 5. Or 125. What I do care about is the word "fab." And, by "care about," I mean freaking quit it, already. We're all grown men, here. We're not writing for Tiger Beat magazine. Arnett is writing for Sports Illustrated for christ's sake. No man needs to call any other man or men "fab" to get his point across. How about just the "World's Top 5."

More on topic--towards the end of his piece Arnett gets, I think, a little unwieldy with this statment: "However, when you watch a player possess as much talent as Love, it's difficult not to question why he couldn't have accomplished more." C'mon bro, the guy's got a major, 2 Players and a dozen or so other wins. I think its just merciless piling-on to question whether he could have squeezed more out of his talent.


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