Saturday, May 14, 2005

It's Me, a Bad List

SI's Scott Wraight comes though with yet another worthless golf list. Dude, does anyone in the world of sports journalism have an easier job than this guy? Scott tackles the compelling and contreversial topic of future hall-of-famers (from the true fan's perspective, no less!). Now, there are two reasons why this is lame. First, any monkey with minimal PGA knowledge can come up with a list of nine really good young golfers. The PGA is freaking bursting at the seams with them. Second, its lame because none of the golfers he lists is going to be on the HoF ballot for another dozen years. Thusly, by the time we determine which of these guys does or doesn't get into the HofF, Wraight will be clerking graveyard style at a Quick Mart off Interstate 40. It's just a little too hypothetical.

I've got a good topic for Wraight to waste my time with next week: How MacGregor spent countless thousands on TV ad time last year to run those Aaron "It's me, Bads" Baddeley commercials only to watch Baddeley struggle to place 123rd on the 2004 money list.


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