Wednesday, May 04, 2005

How good is DLIII?

Good enough, I suppose, to make a pretty damned good living. The Sand Trap's Cody Thrasher wonders whether Love will ever regain his status as one the PGA's best players. Let's not get too crazy, here. I don't think an argument can be made (Thrasher certainly doesn't make one) that he is not one of the tour's best players. Love is just not a dominant world top-tenner like he was in 2003. It's not like the guy made an epic Duvalian fall off the face of the golf Earth. This year he's played nine events and pocketed about a million.

I think DLIII's slip began during the championship match at the 2004 Accenture Match Play. He ultimately lost to Tiger which is not a surprising or uncommon result itself. But, I do remember during that championship match that Love got very riled over a heckler in the crowd. Love personally had the guy ejected. It made quite a bit of news the next day.

Whether the combination of the loss to Woods and the heckling was coincidental to or the actual cause of Love's slide, I'm not sure. But, I think it could have been rather detrmimental to his psyche.


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