Monday, May 09, 2005

Going for the Jugular

This writer's fave golf blogger to the North, Robert Thompson, woke-up a bit trigger happy this morning. He first blasts Sergio for, get this, throwing up all over himself at the Wachovia, which he did. Thompson then goes on, however, to fire away at Sergio for being basically an over-hyped sham, a shot that I disagree with. Last week Thompson was very quick to blast DiMarco for blowing the Zurich, and for, get this, being basically an over-hyped sham.

I posted the following in his comments section:

You're so quick to jump on guys when they have a bad Sunday. You tore into DiMarco when he didn't show up on Sunday at the Zurich. Now you're going after Sergio's jugular.

Give these guys a break. Granted, neither of them deserves any serious accolades for their recent less-than-stellar Sunday performances. But, let's not forget that its even tough for world class players to win a tournament. In Sergio's case, its especially tough when he has guys like Furyk and Singh, who are proven winners (not to mention 10 and 16 years older than him, respecively), breathing down his back.

Moreover, I find your crack on Sergio for having not won or realistically contended in a major in a whole "half-a-decade" hardly amusing. In other words, in a measly five years a gunning 20-year-old hasn't turned into a dominant 25-year-old, therefore we should be questioning his true ability on the golf course.

Nevermind that Furyk didn't win his first (and only, btw) major until he was 33 and that Vijay didn't win his first until he was 35.
Thompson replied by stating that the announcers over-hype Sergio and others even though the hype isn't backed with actual credentials. This is reasonable, except for the fact that I'm not arguing on behalf of the anncouncers. I'm arguing essentially that its not right to blast the careers of very good players because they haven't proven themselves to be elite players. It's not like Sergio got chased down by one of the monday qualifiers or something. And, it's not like DiMarco got beat by Tim Petrovic or something. Oh, wait...


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