Tuesday, May 31, 2005


BPTNHWMTIATYIFHHWEOHY - Best Player To Never Have Won Multiple Times in America This Year In Fact He Hasn't Won Even Once Here Yet.

But, you won't hear him being critisized for it anywhere exept on this blog. This whimpy-ass article sticks this important graf near the end, of course:
But he was the only member of golf's so-called "Big Four" -- also featuring Woods, Singh and Phil Mickelson -- without a win on American soil entering last week's Bank of America Colonial. Els, a runner-up and third-place finisher in January tournaments, is growing more confident that his victory drought may soon end, however.
Yup. Nothing boosts the confidence like a T39 finish in one of the Euro Tour's premier events.

In other news, winless Retief Goosen still first in Euro Order of Merit. Els now 4th even though he's won three times this year. That cracks me up.


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