Saturday, May 14, 2005

The Corporatization of Blogmerica

I agree with pretty much everything Robert Thompson has to say about the Carlsbad Confidential saga.

Interestingly, in the comments of RT's post, Erik of The Sand Trap fame wonders aloud about what consumers want in a corporate blog. Personally, I don't want corporate blogs. You're never going to get the raw honesty from an Offical Corporate blog that you'll get from a blog run by an independent or an organization of independents. Frankly, I'm sick of the constant product marketing I encounter in my life. The last blog I want to read is one that is merely a pimping-tool for some soulless business. Moreover, it goes against the blogger ethos (in the extreme) to finance the publication of a blog for the sole purpose of marketing a product or company. In fact, I'd be disinclined to describe such a website as a blog.

As far as I am concerened, the new Offical Carlsbad Confidential can collapse under the weight of its own marketing budget. For all the whoring that Jason -- the primary poster there -- has done for Taylor Made, he has utterly neglected to balance the blog with even the slightest of criticism of TM. For instance, I'd like to know why Sergio putted himself right out of certain victory using a Rossa model putter. I'll never hear a reasom from a blog run by TM, however.

And while I'm on the topic of corporate whoring--has anyone seen the most recent Golf Digest issue with the AMEX ad which shows Tiger and his mom in loving embrace? It's very much a disgusting two-page spread. As if I don't see Tiger's ugly grill enough, now I have to see him squeezing on his gravy-training mom. Memo to Tiger: For all the amazing feats you've accomplished at your young age, in my mind, everyone of those feats has the mild stench of a corporate brothel.


Blogger Erik @ The Sand Trap said...

Corporate blogs have a place in the world. They can share information, viewpoints, and so on without "marketing" at people. Sure, the "branding" can be free, but if the site has useful, interesting information, it has a place.

9:00 AM  
Blogger mediaguru @ said...

Yes, because Eric will soon be doing a corporate blog!!!

10:53 AM  
Blogger The Duke said...

Erik, sure corporate blogs have a place. Anything has a place on the internet. The point is, however, that corporate blogs do not have a place in my internet.

A corporate blog can share all the viewpoints and information it wants, but that doesn't make them viewpoints or information that is worth the virtual paper they are printed on. In my justifiably cynical opinion.

Moreover, the beautiful essence of a blog is its lack of corporatization, heirarchy and -- most importantly -- editorial control. Therefore, a corporate blog is either not a blog or an ugly one.

1:30 PM  

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